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adapted from here.

Time to spread some holiday cheer in the form of feedback for authors!

Writers: Leave a comment with your username or writing journal. You must be logged in. All usernames posted by anonymous users will be deleted. Be prepared to handle crit!

Commenters: anonymously or unanonymously reply to their threads with comments on their writing, positive or with suggestions or everything in between. No drama, no excess bashing, especially not on personalities, etc.

Suggestions for leaving (and taking) constructive criticism:
Keep it in first person. "I find it difficult to read your story because of the many spelling errors" is a fact which nobody can disagree with. "You need to fix your many spelling errors" is just asking for a kneejerk "no I don't".

Getting bad reviews? Sit on your hands for 24 hours. No matter how badly you want to snap back. At the end of that time, take what's useful and ignore the rest. If there was anything useful, thank the reviewer for it. "Useful" might well include "I loved this" - it doesn't have to be detailed critique. But it doesn't include "You suck."


The idea is to build on what the writers are doing well, not just correct what they're having trouble with. If there's something you loved - tell them! Otherwise the good bits may end up on the cutting-room floor.

Feel free to make suggestions for what you might have done differently, had you been writing the story, but explain your reasons. Even if the writers still prefer their original versions, it may help them evaluate the choices they made.

Always be aware that we are discussing the work, not the writer as a person. However, this is not a literature class or a book group - the author is part of the conversation, and is probably quite attached to their work and their words.

Remember that constructive criticism is meant to encourage writers as opposed to discouraging them.


Link to your thread with the code below.

To sum it up: anonymous commenting is on, don't be rude, and have fun! Mod post is located here.

ETA: Click here for flatview.

ETA 2: A reminder that anything that relates to writing is fair game. Anything about the personality or personal life of an author is not.

petronelle / Petra @ DW (most complete, via story tags) / Petra @ AO3 (all recent work, less depth of archive) / PetraStories @ Delicious, complete to about a year ago when Delicious was resold/redesigned

All feedback in the form of "I'd like your work better if I could find it all in one place" will make me laugh bitterly. Anything else is welcome.

Your DCU stories always take my breath away.

Since you have mainly wrote the same pairing in the same AU, I don't really know how you would write other AU's/canon/fandoms. But I really like what you have written so far. It's easy to read, it's cute and fluffy yet not too much, you stick to the main topic rather than writing long sentences that don't really matter (which is a plus for me!) and I just find myself sucked in very easily. And I love that - it feels personal and cozy. Okay, I think it's obvious I suck at giving feedback, but what I'm trying to say is: I love your writing style, the way you describe characters, the AU you created and you should keep writing like this! :)

I love your writing; there's just not enough of it. MOAR.

It wanders gloriously, almost stream-of-consciously, to its destination. It's imaginative and unexpected. It's natural and never feels like you're trying too hard (though I imagine that ease of storytelling is actually artful hard work.) Maybe the prose could be tightened up a bit, use one more editing pass. Maybe. But that's all the crit I've got.

I always get excited seeing your name on a fic. It means good stuff.

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clex_monkie89 here and at AO3.

Edited at 2012-12-12 06:38 pm (UTC)

i don't write nearly enough anymore but hey,
shadow_fictions here

vorpalblades || Master list

I haven't written a completed fic in a while, but I'm getting back into it. I'd love feedback to learn what I need need to fix or strengthen while I'm working on my new projects.

Edited at 2012-12-12 07:13 pm (UTC)

Let me start by saying, BABY COME BACK!!

I miss your fic. Your superhero and your monster's inc. fic are two of my favorites. I love your writing style. I really wish I had something critical/super helpful to contribute but alas, ALL LOVE OVER HERE! I look forward to reading whatever you write in the future!

Your writing genuinely makes me tingle in all the good ways. It's vivid and hot and alive and it's a real privilege getting sneak peeks of what's going on in your writing life via twitter.

you are spectacularly skilled with your descriptions, emotional tone and push-pull of relationships. (usually seen in the Steve-Bucky variety.) it is always a pleasure to read your latest and sometimes it's like a hand gripping my heart in a too-tight squeeze because you artfully build tension and then release with a beautiful climax/conclusion to the story.

ippeun_nuna @ -//-

I didn't write much, some of the stories are years years old (specially the jpop ones). So here is my humble masterlist. There is some jpop (mostly NewS fandom) kpop (Shinee, Infinite and Block B) and you won't find link there, but I'm author of Zico in Slow burn (MirCo fanfiction) which is posted on chocomarijuana's journal.
Do what you have to ~
I hope I'm not gonna regret this -sighs-

Edited at 2012-12-12 09:28 pm (UTC)

[personal profile] sylvaine @ AO3

Edited at 2012-12-12 09:09 pm (UTC)

You are almost too talented to be believed.

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Your Teen Wolf fics are the best. I love them.

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