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adapted from here.

Time to spread some holiday cheer in the form of feedback for authors!

Writers: Leave a comment with your username or writing journal. You must be logged in. All usernames posted by anonymous users will be deleted. Be prepared to handle crit!

Commenters: anonymously or unanonymously reply to their threads with comments on their writing, positive or with suggestions or everything in between. No drama, no excess bashing, especially not on personalities, etc.

Suggestions for leaving (and taking) constructive criticism:
Keep it in first person. "I find it difficult to read your story because of the many spelling errors" is a fact which nobody can disagree with. "You need to fix your many spelling errors" is just asking for a kneejerk "no I don't".

Getting bad reviews? Sit on your hands for 24 hours. No matter how badly you want to snap back. At the end of that time, take what's useful and ignore the rest. If there was anything useful, thank the reviewer for it. "Useful" might well include "I loved this" - it doesn't have to be detailed critique. But it doesn't include "You suck."


The idea is to build on what the writers are doing well, not just correct what they're having trouble with. If there's something you loved - tell them! Otherwise the good bits may end up on the cutting-room floor.

Feel free to make suggestions for what you might have done differently, had you been writing the story, but explain your reasons. Even if the writers still prefer their original versions, it may help them evaluate the choices they made.

Always be aware that we are discussing the work, not the writer as a person. However, this is not a literature class or a book group - the author is part of the conversation, and is probably quite attached to their work and their words.

Remember that constructive criticism is meant to encourage writers as opposed to discouraging them.


Link to your thread with the code below.

To sum it up: anonymous commenting is on, don't be rude, and have fun! Mod post is located here.

ETA: Click here for flatview.

ETA 2: A reminder that anything that relates to writing is fair game. Anything about the personality or personal life of an author is not.

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deplore / masterlist

i still feel fairly new to writing for kfandom, so any/all feedback would be helpful! if i had to critique my own writing, i would have... a lot of things to say u__u but the main thing is that i feel that there are still a lot of characterizations i struggle with. thank you for any feedback given beforehand! o/

just dropping by to mention that "notice me this year" had me in tears of laughter the whole time and i love you for it

i'm happy it could make you laugh, anon! ♥

I'm not gonna get anon for I am not coming with constructive criticism. When it comes to fanfiction I am not one who goes too much after the writing skills or flow etc. I know it impacts on me, but I don't care as long as there is nicely balanced ammount of sexual heat&strong emotions and as long as I see that the writer does think about the story itself, the characters dynamics and link to the "real" life of them. You excell in all of this and you made me fall in love with your Hogyu in particular. I love the way you make an easy-going story profound in emotions and how you arouse the questioning of "wait, this could be actually happening!" with the real-infinite world/happening/history mentioning.
Oh, this got way longer than I wanted it to be.
But peace! Criticism to make: too little hogyu in your masterlist!

your senpai/tao fics were both a thing of beauty and i'm like super repetitive in my feedback so sorry if this is what i said when i commented on them but i loved the blend of sweetness and crack, like it was grounded in reality even with the over-the-top characters. and your winter baekyeol was great too! a perfect little piece that really portrayed the emotions well.

so basically my point is that you are gj.

aww, thank you so much!! ;u; my main concern with "notice me this year"/"after the cherry blossoms fall" was that i kept thinking "lol THIS IS SO RIDIC" and trying to scale back the level of utter unrealisticness, so it's really reassuring for me to hear that ;__; thank you again for your feedback!! ♥

i may have mentioned this before, but one thing i really love about your writing (particularly for infinite) is the way you develop characterization through your aus. like, rather than just setting the boys down in some random environment to watch them play, your fics use the circumstances of the au to demonstrate their essential character. in particular i'm thinking of sunggyu in "ship of theseus", and of the way you characterized the main ships in "midheaven" through their roles in a totally different circumstance.

i would have to re-read more closely to find the characterizations that seemed off to me, but generally i get the impression that your fics are well-characterized, even if it isn't in an "accurate" way - everyone seems well-rounded. and in general, i'm very happy that you have started writing kfic! you have a great writing style and a good range.

this comment is really reassuring to me because my infinite fics so far have been, like, 98% setting and character driven, so to hear positive feedback on both fronts is really nice to me ;__; i will definitely continue to keep these things in mind as i write new things for infinite, and also hopefully get better are writing them more accurately.

thank you so much for your feedback and for your kind words! i really appreciate it (❁´◡`❁)

your exo fics have been really cute and i've enjoyed them a lot so far. i think you have a keen handle on the characterization of most members, too! if i had to say i would just say that your tao characterization is a little weaker to me than the others--not poor by any means but where your other characters are very distinctive he seems a little bit more blank slate? and writing wise, i guess the one thing is that sometimes i find myself skimming over some lines (esp dialogue) to get the gist instead of reading each exact word? like there's something a little wordy in the phrasing that could be cleaned up, maybe one too many "that"'s or something.

i think you're right about how i characterize tao - i thought about how i'd written him up until now, and how he's being portrayed in my current wips, and i realized i tend to write him into a more passive role compared to the other characters even if he ends up being one of the central characters 6__9 i'm not sure of why that is, but i'll keep it in mind for the future!

as for the wordiness, i'll try and work on that too. i don't think that i'm too great at writing dialogue in general, and it's something i'd like to improve upon.

thank you for your feedback, anon! i really appreciate it! :)

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kind of re: what you said upthread about being concerned about "notice me" and its sequel being too ridic --

the reason i liked them so much is because they're totally ridiculous in the best way possible. being over the top fit the prompt really well and provided opportunities for moments of sheer brilliance that wouldn't otherwise be there. i would love to see more of that from you tbh because you do it well.

where are the suju fics, gurl

i will preface my crit by saying i've only read your infinite fic. i think your prose and your characterization are both decent. however, i find myself looking for a thread of interest, or something to compel me to keep reading. your fics are relatively long, so i wish there could be more than character study and setting. i feel like it's a matter of pacing, and i think you could stand to make your stride more decisive, whichever speed you choose.

i hope you know that your myungyeol time/photography fic is the closest one can get to perfection, because it is. i think that au works so, so well for that pairing because of how you used the characters' background info to make everything so much more real. this is why i found that better than your sunggyu-centric one in the same universe. it's not to say that wasn't good though! it's just that the myungyeol is better, because of the subtle details and the focus on their interactions

your astronaut au is also a fine piece of character study, which is unusual for an au and i do hope we can see all sort of different things from you because i'd love to see how and where you'd take these characters to

i like your stories but find your prose difficult to get through. i've noticed that your writing is thick with extra words: your sentences are lengthy, often by simple fact of the inclusion of unnecessary fluff words, and while you're skilled enough to not let this get in the way of meaning, it can make the reading experience exhausting.

my advice on this point would be to be ruthless when editing. every word in a sentence should be essential, either to meaning or to mood; those words that are not pulling their weight should be cut. adverbs, light verbs, and words that do not mean exactly what you need them to mean should all be left on the cutting room floor.

it's hard at first, but i think your writing could be much improved by taking a more critical eye to the inner workings of your sentences.

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