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adapted from here.

Time to spread some holiday cheer in the form of feedback for authors!

Writers: Leave a comment with your username or writing journal. You must be logged in. All usernames posted by anonymous users will be deleted. Be prepared to handle crit!

Commenters: anonymously or unanonymously reply to their threads with comments on their writing, positive or with suggestions or everything in between. No drama, no excess bashing, especially not on personalities, etc.

Suggestions for leaving (and taking) constructive criticism:
Keep it in first person. "I find it difficult to read your story because of the many spelling errors" is a fact which nobody can disagree with. "You need to fix your many spelling errors" is just asking for a kneejerk "no I don't".

Getting bad reviews? Sit on your hands for 24 hours. No matter how badly you want to snap back. At the end of that time, take what's useful and ignore the rest. If there was anything useful, thank the reviewer for it. "Useful" might well include "I loved this" - it doesn't have to be detailed critique. But it doesn't include "You suck."


The idea is to build on what the writers are doing well, not just correct what they're having trouble with. If there's something you loved - tell them! Otherwise the good bits may end up on the cutting-room floor.

Feel free to make suggestions for what you might have done differently, had you been writing the story, but explain your reasons. Even if the writers still prefer their original versions, it may help them evaluate the choices they made.

Always be aware that we are discussing the work, not the writer as a person. However, this is not a literature class or a book group - the author is part of the conversation, and is probably quite attached to their work and their words.

Remember that constructive criticism is meant to encourage writers as opposed to discouraging them.


Link to your thread with the code below.

To sum it up: anonymous commenting is on, don't be rude, and have fun! Mod post is located here.

ETA: Click here for flatview.

ETA 2: A reminder that anything that relates to writing is fair game. Anything about the personality or personal life of an author is not.

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unnir ;; i just want you to keep writing all the krisyeol ever. you are the best with bro-y jokes and humor and you always have the best background characters and i feel like you have a really great grasp on what boys sound like when they're horsing around. also your dialogue is actually perfect in every way. so mostly i just hope you write more longer fics like apres ski.

if i had one piece of concrit, it's that i really wish you would "set the scene" more in your fics. what i mean is that while you really give us a great feel for the characters, in my head i often can't really picture the settings of the fic, or what kind of world they're in, or the people around them (who aren't the band members). apres ski had a really great grounding in the ski resort, and it's also your one really long fic, so this might be unfair, but with your drabbles, i sometimes felt like i couldn't picture the world your characters were in. take the drabble with chanyeol teaching kris rap. i think besides the opening paragraphs about hardwood floors, there just was no description of the rooms or the surroundings or the dorms or anything? and in the richfucks au, i felt like we were just skipping from scene to scene without any overarching idea about the kind of world chanyeol and kris exist in. even in apres ski, when you find out that kris is an olympic skiier, i didn't get the sense of 'gap' between them, like it seemed in your world they were so equal i couldn't understand the difference in social class that would pull them apart.

i guess what i'm trying to say is that your writing feels a little bit like characters moving from movie set to movie set but there's no sense of space or setting tying them together (other than the plot ofc). it's not a bad thing, but whenever i picture your fics, i see myself watching it happening on a small tv screen. like, hmm, strangely claustrophobic? it might be a world building issue? or maybe a subtlety issue, where you drop in hints of setting and space and time more subtly than other authors in this fandom. and i'm sorry, this isn't particularly helpful, because i'm not trying to say 'waste more time describing the world juseyo!11!!!111!' or 'start writing in purple prose juseyo!!1111!!!111!~!' but i guess what i'm trying to say is that i'd love to see a story from you were the characters are more involved with the setting you put them in.

xoxoxoxoxoxoxo idolkiller unnir you are the unnir whose work i'm most excited for, so do whatever you like and ignore me

omg no SHUT UP if you could've seen the excited smile on my face when i saw this comment in my inbox!!! this is exactly the kind of feedback i'm looking for so kisses u all over dear anon :* :* :* first off thank you so much for all your compliments, i'm very ?_? about pinning what boys sound like though i always try for it, so it's good to hear when it works even if i'm not sure why laksdjf (also more than willing to hear whenever it doesn't!! o god pls ;_;)

YOU KNOW this is actually really good and apt bc when i was writing a few days ago i was going through the previous scenes and realizing that like, when i had intended characters to be in their apartment and i had the layout of the living room in my head and the time gap between the last scene in my head, all i actually wrote was 'laptop', 'armchair', 'table' laskdjladsf and i filled it out a little more but was even thinking 'well maybe it's implied???' SO IT'S GOOD TO KNOW exactly how that doesn't work lmao. i think it's definitely because i visualize everything so writing just becomes me transcribing the movie in my head, and i end up only jotting down the 'moving' things and the dialogue. ANYWAY it's rly helpful to hear how this looks from the outside and i will def try to slow down and set the scene in the future, xoxoxoxoxoxo to you my heart :*

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